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Going Green

Going “Green” & Eco-Friendly

On August 9, 2007 the Florida Department of Environmental Protection certified The Banyan Resort as a Green Lodging Facility! The Banyan Resort is the first lodging establishment in the Florida Keys and the first condominium association in the State of Florida to earn this prestigious designation.

The celebration was attended by local dignitaries including Key West Mayor, Morgan McPherson and Rep. Ron Saunders. Festivities culminated with the release of a collection of Painted Ladies, native butterflies of the Florida Keys.

July 5, 2010
The Banyan Resort Becomes Certified in GLEE Green Business Program.
The Banyan Resort has become the first lodging property in the Keys to become certified in GLEE’s Green Business Program.

The Banyan Resort’s Environmental Policy

As a Florida Certified Green Lodge and out of respect for our natural resources — we, the employees of The Banyan Resort, pledge to do the following:
  1. Properly manage our resource consumption and reduce our waste.
  2. Encourage our guests and owners to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” and continue to seek ways to make this easier for them. Make them aware of our Environmental Policy and request their participation.
  3. Ensure that each employee recognizes his or her role and responsibility in our GREEN efforts.
  4. Increase safety for and promote the health of our employees, owners and guests.
  5. Educate ourselves about our suppliers and the products we purchase in an effort to further reduce our environmental impact.
  6. Promote awareness of the consequences of our actions and their direct effect on our natural world.
  7. Continue to strive to find more ways to improve our policy and procedures to further reduce our impact.

Our Implemented Environmental Initiatives at The Banyan Resort

  1. Solar Panels to control temperature in swimming pools
  2. Recycled plastic lumber used for courtyard decking
  3. Towel & Linen ReUse Programs
  4. Suggestions in each unit for conservation (water & energy)
  5. Recycle in units and on property (directions in unit)
  6. A/Cs set at 78-80 degrees for unoccupied units
  7. At least 90% of lighting on property is High Efficiency/Compact Fluorescents
  8. Outdoor lighting uses timers or photo sensors
  9. Purchase energy efficient appliances
  10. 100% of faucets, showers & toilets throughout property are Low Flow Fixtures
  11. Practicing Xeriscaping (planting native plants that require less water)
  12. Utilize mulch and minimum 80% organic fertilizer
  13. Shop for recycled paper products (i.e. Office Paper and paper towels)
  14. Purchase in bulk and/or concentrate and refill bottles where possible
  15. Regular preventive maintenance plan for all air conditioner units – use most efficient air filters
tranquil swimming pool on the property at The Banyan Resort
lush, tropical and fragrant gardens surround The Banyan Resort
scenic and tropical balcony views from the suites at The Banyan Resort
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